Telling Time Worksheets Quarter Past

Quarter Past And Quarter To Times Worksheet   WorksheetQuarter Past and Quarter to Times Worksheet / Worksheet . This brilliant resource is a great way to see how well your children are doing with telling the time!
O Clock  Half Past And Quarter Past To Times Worksheet   WorksheetO’clock, Half Past and Quarter Past To Times Worksheet / Worksheet . Give this simple worksheet to see if children can read o’clock, half past and quarter past and to the hour on an analogue clock face. Could be used at the start of a unit of time to help with your planning and differentiation or at the end of a lesson to assess what they have learnt. You could even enlarge the clock faces and use as part of a display or on your working wall as a reminder to children.
Telling Time WorksheetsTelling Time Worksheets . Here is our 6th set of telling time worksheets for the quarter hours. Match the time on the digital clocks in the centre to the time on the analogue clocks. There are 3 worksheets in the pack, so each quarter past and quarter to on the clock is tested once.
O Clock  Half Past  And Quarter Past The Hour Time WorksheetO’clock, Half Past, and Quarter Past the Hour Time Worksheet. Use this worksheet for your telling time lesson. Your students will learn these terms associated with the hands on the analog clock.

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