Prose Worksheet

Literature About Chicago  Prose Vs  PoetryLiterature About Chicago: Prose vs. Poetry . It’s prose vs. poetry in this worksheet on literature about Chicago.
Sherlock Holmes  Prose To Drama WorksheetSherlock Holmes: Prose to Drama Worksheet. Students learn how to rewrite prose as a play with “Sherlock Holmes: Prose to Drama”. Students will read a passage and rewrite the passage as a play.
Irony In Prose  The Diamond NecklaceIrony in Prose: The Diamond Necklace . In this worksheet your student will discuss the irony in a passage from “The Diamond Necklace.”
Rl4 5 Poem  Prose  DramaRL4.5 poem, prose, drama .
Twelfth Night  Verse Versus Prose WorksheetTwelfth Night: Verse versus Prose Worksheet (teacher made). How can I teach Shakespearean verse? Investigate the rhythms of language and what might be implied by Shakespeare’s used of verse and prose: to what extent does ‘Twelfth Night’ adhere to Shakespearean conventions? An activity to stretch the understanding of higher ability pupils.

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