Irregular Plurals Worksheet High School

Nouns     Irregular Plural  Abstract  And CollectiveNouns – Irregular Plural, Abstract, and Collective . Irregular Plurals     Irregular Plurals      Irregular Plurals     Abstract Nouns  Collective Nouns                                                      Download Doc      Download Doc      Download Doc       Download Doc     Download Doc
Irregular Plural Nouns  AddingIrregular Plural Nouns (Adding . These differentiated worksheets will help children develop pupils’ understanding of irregular plural nouns. All these sheets focus on changing the ‘f’ at the end of a word to ‘-ves’ to show that the noun is plural. Children use their understanding of this important spelling rule to answer the questions. An answer sheet is included for quick and easy marking.Tags in this resource: elves-in-shorts.pngcalf-1.pngbig-bad-wolf.png
Irregular Plural NounsIrregular Plural Nouns . Write the irregular plural form of each noun.

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