7th Grade Comprehension Worksheets

Oliver TwistOliver Twist .
Bartering For BasicsBartering for Basics . Week 6 Reading Comprehension (E-6). A passage about early Native American Indian groups and how they bartered for goods. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.
Anne Of AvonleaAnne of Avonlea .
Mark Twain  Travels AbroadMark Twain: Travels Abroad . After reading through the passage, students will be asked to answer questions based on context clues. This exercise is ideal for 7th-10th grade students.
Customs And TraditionsCustoms and Traditions . Week 3 Reading Comprehension (E-3). Reading passage and questions about the customs and traditions of native American Indian groups in rth America Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.
The Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon .

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