4th Grade Reading Worksheets And Math

4th Grade Worksheets4th Grade Worksheets . Find full-color, printable 4th grade worksheets, activities, spelling lists, lesson plans and more.
Simplifying FractionsSimplifying Fractions . Week 19 Reading Comprehension (E-19). A math reading passage about simplifying fractions. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.
Number ConceptsNumber Concepts . Number Concepts – Maths worksheet – Grade 4
Extending PatternsExtending Patterns . Week 30 Reading Comprehension (B-30). Reading segment and questions about different types and uses of patterns. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.
Points On A Coordinate GridPoints on a Coordinate Grid . Week 24 Reading Comprehension (D-24). A reading passage and questions about plotting x and y coordinates on a 4 quadrant graph. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

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