Spanish Verb Worksheets 7th Grade

Worksheet For Present Spanish Tense Regular Verb RevisionWorksheet for present Spanish tense regular verb revision . A two page document for any age group. The first side is easier – pupils just have to add the correct endings on to the verbs. The second page, pupils need to work out what the verbs mean eg. ‘cantamos’ = ‘we sing’. There is a help box at the bottom on th…
Ser  Spanish Verb ConjugationSer: Spanish Verb Conjugation. The verb ser means “to be” in English and is one of the most commonly used verbs in the Spanish language. Learn how to conjugate this irregular verb.
Fun Practice For Those E To Ie StemFun practice for those E to IE stem. Fun practice for those E to IE stem-changing Spanish verbs! This puzzle is FREE from and comes with an answer key!

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