Rule Worksheet Activity

Rules  Rules  Rules  Worksheet   WorksheetRules! Rules! Rules! Worksheet / Worksheet . Use this worksheet to draw up a list of rules at home and school and the reasons for those rules.
Class Rules Worksheet   Worksheet And Display Pack  WorksheetClass Rules Worksheet / Worksheet and Display Pack, worksheet. Use this resource to help start your students off with your classroom rules. Have your students help co-create the examples in the spaces provided. Use this resource as a way to discuss the importance of these rules.Tags in this resource: cute-smiling-pencil.png
Golden Rule Worksheet   WorksheetGolden Rule Worksheet / Worksheet . Use this resource to encourage others to follow the Golden Rule. Pupils should create a persuasive poster that highlights the benefits of treating others as you wish to be treated. Tags in this resource: say-kind-things-friends-talking-happy-black-and-white.png
Activity 15  Lesson Plan For Rules WorksheetActivity 15: Lesson Plan for Rules Worksheet.
The Rule Of Law Worksheet   WorksheetThe Rule of Law Worksheet / Worksheet . Use this worksheet to encourage your children to think about law, why we have them and who benefits from them.

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