Hexagon Pattern Block Worksheets

Many Ways To Make A Hexagon Anchor Chart Freebie  Perfect For A 2dPin on Primary Teaching Resources and Ideas. Many Ways to Make a Hexagon anchor chart freebie. Perfect for a 2D shape unit. Studying geometry and pattern blocks in 1st grade.
28 Images Of Blank Alphabet Pattern Block Template28 Images of Blank Alphabet Pattern Block Template . Find images about Blank Alphabet Pattern Block Template, you can use as reference for your need related with Blank Alphabet Pattern Block Template.
Playing With Pattern BlocksPlaying with Pattern Blocks . Wooden pattern blocks are wonderful in so many ways. You can create designs with them, build with them, and play games with them.  You can talk about their colors, shapes, angles, and how they relate to each other. You can lay them out in repetitive patterns or beautiful mosaics. You don’t need lessons for any […]

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