D Phonics Worksheet

D Phonics Colouring Worksheet   WorksheetD Phonics Colouring Worksheet / Worksheet (teacher made). Pupils identify the initial sounds in words using these fun worksheets. Great for assessment.Tags in this resource: doll-sitting-up.pngmother-duck-1.pngbeagle-dog-with-bone.pngmoney-coin-bag.pnghoney-jar-pot.pngcute-dinosaur.pngdress-1.pngdonkey-3.pngdice-showing-2.pngclassroom-door.png
Precursive  D  Phonics WorksheetPrecursive ‘d’ Phonics Worksheet (teacher made). Use this worksheet to get your pupils using their knowledge of the letter ‘d’ sound to identify the words. Letter formation practise is also included.

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