100 Square Worksheet

Editable Superhero Themed Missing Numbers 100 Square WorksheetEditable Superhero Themed Missing Numbers 100 Square Worksheet. This puzzle worksheet features different parts of a number square, but some of the numbers are missing from the boxes! Can your children work out what number would be in each box if they were looking at a number square?
100 Square Counting Investigation Worksheet100 Square Counting Investigation Worksheet . Investigate counting in 2s, 5s and 10s on a hundred square and explain the patterns. As a challenge, have a go at counting in 3s too!
100 Square Jigsaw Worksheet   Worksheets100 Square Jigsaw Worksheet / Worksheets . Use these worksheets to develop the children’s understanding of a hundred square and the place value of one- and two-digit numbers. This great resource also encourages children to look for patterns to help solve problems.
Color In Percentage 100 Number Square WorksheetColor in Percentage 100 Number Square Worksheet . This coloring worksheet helps to show how all percentages are part of a whole. See if your children can color in the correct percentage of the number square in the right color.
AlgebraAlgebra . A useful worksheet to help children recognise patterns and predict subsequent numbers.

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